Breville's All-In-One Is a Space Saving Multi-Tasking Mixer

You're a multitasker, so why not have a kitchen gadget that can juggle a plethora of delicious projects? Breville's All-In-One is up to the task—it's an immersion blender and a food processor. But it's a whole lot more.


The All-In-One has a bevy of attachements like a blade slicer, shredding disc, and whisk that can blend, mix, chop, pulverize, mash, and so forth at 15 different speeds. (See it in action in the video above). For a little extra convenience it also has a built-in storage container. It's $200, but it's worth pointing out that, as the name suggests, the All-In-One is beaucoup kitchen gadgets rolled into, well, one. [Breville]



It may have a plethora of uses but I have a dearth of interest.