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Last month, the European Aviation Safety Agency announced that it was going to join step with the FAA and allow electronic devices to be used during takeoff and landing. Now, British Airways is the first European airline to allow more free'n'easy use of gadgets in flights.


British Airways has announced that, from today, passengers will be able to keep electronic devices switched on for the entirety of their flight. The UK's Civil Aviation Authority points out that no texts or calls will be allowed, and that wireless devices will have to be airplane mode, too. Also, apparently the changes doesn't include laptops. Huh.

But still, it includes phone and e-readers, and that should be enough to keep you amused. British Airways' flight training manager, Captain Ian Pringle agrees: "The easing of restrictions will provide an average of 30 minutes additional personal screen time," he explains. You can expect more European airlines to follow suit real soon. [Engadget]

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