Bsendorfer VC7 and AC7 Loudspeakers

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You've probably seen the name B sendorfer festooned on the side of the finest pianos in the world, but did you know the company also makes high-end loudspeakers? B sendorfer has taken all it has learned in pianomaking since 1828 and rolled that into an exclusive line of speakers it's been offering for the past four years. After all that time, you'd think the company would know a few things about the principle of sonic resonance, and its newest models, the VC7 and AC7, take advantage of that. The result is loudspeakers that look and sound as good as the company's pianos. Both lacquered and hardwood finishes are available, as are matching center channel and surround speakers.


But how they sound? Get this: B sendorfer speakers were the subject of a unique demo in New York last year, where piano music was played through the speakers and then replayed instantaneously by Juilliard students playing B sendorfer pianos live. It was hard for even golden-eared attendees to tell the difference.

B sendorfer VC7 and AC7 Loudspeakers [CoolHunting]

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