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Buford Tannen Is Clearly a Host in 'Back to the Westworld'

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A parody trailer has taken Doc and Marty out of the “wild west” of barn dances and manure fights into the sex-fueled Pleasure Dome that is Westworld. However, “Back to the Westworld” does more than just promise Marty the company of gold-coated sexbots: It totally makes Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen a host.

YouTuber Todd Spence has released a mashup trailer that combines Back to the Future III with HBO’s Westworld. It’s got everything: brawls in the streets, corporate intrigue, a flying train. Hey, maybe Westworld can take a cue from that last flying trains sound awesome.

It also turns Mad Dog into the new Man in Black.

In the original Westworld film, the Man in Black wasn’t a (maybe) hardcore player looking to push the limits of the game. He was more like Hector, a sexy host in black garb (played by Yul Brynner) who eventually breaks out of his coding and starts killing park guests.


Much like Brynner’s MiB, Mad Dog is the villainous outlaw who talks a big game but never actually does anything to our main hero. Mad Dog taunts and challenges Marty the way a host would, with “yellow” insults tailor-made to bring out his aggression- much like how Logan insists Dolores was dropped in William’s lap to immerse him in the world of west.


Despite talking a big game, Marty is easily able to defeat him, with a cart of horseshit adding insult to injury. God, can you imagine how many times Mad Dog has said “I hate manure” during his tenure?


You’ve got to wonder whether Mad Dog would also go rogue and starting killing guests the way the original MiB did. Well, he might’ve already done that, since he technically killed Doc Brown before Marty went back in time to change the past. But wait, by “the past,” they might mean a previous cycle, which would mean Doc Brown’s a host too. Maybe he’s the reincarnation of Arnold, so Dr. Ford can have a fellow scientist to tinker around with. Oh crap, Pandora’s Box has been opened.

These violent delights are heavy.