Bug Labs Build-Your-Own-Gadget System 2.0: Hello, Android

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BUG 2.0, the second version of Bug Labs' Lego set for hardware hobbyists, is here, and it's two things the first one wasn't: blazing fast—and powerful as a Droid, to be specific—and ready for Android.


The newest version of the BUGBase, the brain and nerve center of any and all BUG-based Frankengadgets, has been upgraded to TI's OMAP 3 platform, bringing the base up to speed, in terms of processing power, with the likes of the Droid and Palm Pre. Now that the BUGBase has the power of a high-end smartphone, it's only appropriate that it'd support Android, which it does, and which gives any BUG device the potential, if not immediate access, to tap into the endless potential of the App Market.

There's no release date or price on the new BUGbase yet, but the transition should be seamless—though it'll replace your old BUGbase complete, any other BUG modules, be they touch displays, WI-Fi radios, GPS receivers or speakers, will work straight away. [Bug Labs via Crunchgear]

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I think this was a good idea back in 2005 or so but now everything including the projector fits into something the size of a normal smart phone so I just don't see the point.