Bug Labs' Modular Gadget System Gets New Add-On, BUGvonHippel

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In the first expansion of the original four modules for the build-your-own-tech Bug system, the BUGvonHippel gives an open input board for connecting just about any sensor or interface imaginable to your Bug creation.


The list of connections available is a slurry of anagrams, sure to make your inner soldering iron fill with the warmth of envy:

* Power
* I2C
* I/O X
* GP I/O
* I2S
* GROUND (x2)

The vonHippel, named after an MIT professor who wrote Democratizing Innovation, which may as well be the Bug Labs manifesto. Whether it also kills vampires like von Hippel's fourth cousin van Helsing remains to be seen. It's $79. [BUG Store]

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Bug Labs stuff - it's like the Christmas present you build yourself! Has anyone actually tried their stuff? I'm a novice at electronics, but I'd like fun projects to learn.