Build a Lego Santa's Sleigh with Powerpig

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Santa's sleigh doesn't need to be wooden, painted, or up at the North Pole. Skip the snow and elves and bring it to life in your living room, lego-style. This is Santa's sleigh, the final installment of Powerpig's holiday model series.

As always, you'll first need to download the Lego Digital Designer 4.0 software before you can embark on your holiday Lego journey. The parts for the basic sleigh will run you $33.50 through Lego Digital Designer (if you don't already have them), but can be had for cheaper from Lego's Pick a Brick Store. You can also swap the dainty holly on the side of the sleigh for a larger wreath, if you so choose.


If you're concerned how Santa's supposed to get around in your Lego sleigh, you can always build some reindeer. Or give him jetpacks—Santa's preferred method of transportation on Christmas Eve. Happy holidays, and happy Lego building! [Powerpig]