Building Block Coffee Table: Bored Kids and Hip Decors Unite!

Was there anything worse when you were a kid than visiting someone whose home was completely devoid of toys? An hour of conversation felt like a lifetime of boredom, but this building block coffee table ensures you never put kids through that same torture in your own home.

Composed of 210 wooden birch cubes, Jessica Arosenius' Block.210 table looks like a butcher block counter when assembled, and would make for a stylish addition to any living room. But those wooden blocks aren't glued down. They can actually be easily removed and used as building blocks for assembling castles, fortresses, or whatever fuels a little tike's imagination.


The table's base has also been painted in a variety of colors serving as a play area, while a series of holes on the underside allows kids to mischievously topple a tower. Which, as everyone knows, is half the reason you build something out of wooden blocks anyways. Now if only the Block.210 table wasn't trapped in the inescapable ether of the just-a-concept dimension.

[Jessica Arosenius via Inhabitots]

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