As great as your smartphone is, there are plenty of things you just don't want to look at on there; you'd rather have them on that big ol' computer screen of yours. Now Bump, which previously let you throw data from phone to phone, is here to help by making it ludicrously easy to get pictures, links, or whathaveyou from your phone to your computer.

The applications are limitless. Bump boasts the ability to not only work with every computer and data-type out there, but also to be dumb easy. All you have to do is load up Bump on your Android or iPhone, pull up the Bump website on your computer, hit the space bar and—wham—your photos, videos, contacts, files, or whatever else you want to move is transferred seamlessly to your 'puter.


Bump's website isn't quite ready yet, but it should be going live later this afternoon, so get ready to backup your phone with the greatest of ease. Or don't get ready at all; it'll only take a second.

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