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BumpTop 3D Desktop Gets Unique Multi-Touch Gestures

For all its new multi-touch goodness, Windows 7 only has about 7 basic gestures. So if you're all about the touch (and say, have a tablet PC) BumpTop's stack of unique new gestures could be a very good thing.


As we've mentioned in the past, BumpTop isn't a new OS or shell replacement, it just adds a 3D workspace to your desktop. The $30 mulit-touch version of the software is available now, but you'll need to have Windows 7 (and a multi-touch tablet, laptop or all-in-one PC). The good news: we're going to see a bunch of those arrive alongside the new OS on October 22. [BumpTop via TechCrunch]

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tried the beta back in the day, found it fun to play with, for like five minutes. I don't see why anyone would use it on a day-to-day basis.