Burnham and Spock Finally Reunite in the New Star Trek: Discovery Trailer

Welcome aboard, Mister Spock.
Gif: Star Trek: Discovery

At New York Comic-Con, we met Discovery’s younger, bearded take on Star Trek’s most iconic Vulcan, Spock. And now, after all the teasing and waiting, not only do we get to learn more about what he’s up to, we get to see him reunite with his sister...and things aren’t going to well for either the universe or Spock and Burnham, it seems.


This trailer gives us a little more exploration of what seems to be the big new threat of season two—the signals appearing across the galaxy that have not only heralded the arrival of a mysterious creature known as the Red Angel, but sent Spock away from his station aboard the Enterprise and on a dangerous quest, leaving Burnham to go on...well, a search. For Spock. Look, I’m just gonna keep making that joke, you watch the trailer below (international readers can watch it here!):

It turns out that the Red Angel heralds a dire portent for Spock—the destruction of all sentient life, which is never really a good thing to have to deal with. But as well as helping both the Discovery and the Enterprise save the day, it also seems like he’s going to be having to deal with a rather uneasy relationship with his adoptive sister. A Vulcan and a Human raised like a Vulcan having a fraught relationship because they keep their emotions hidden until they bubbled up to the surface and exploded, you say? Well, who could’ve seen that coming.

Poor Michael. She’s gonna have to deal with sibling drama and save the day all over again when Star Trek: Discovery returns to CBS All Access in the U.S., and Netflix internationally, in January 2019.

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Angrier Geek

Totally looking forward to this. It was a surprise pleasure last year. And I love this depiction of Captain Pike (fan of Anson Mount as an actor as well). It’d be great if all the captains of the Enterprise were notoriously deering-do. And Sexy Spock looks like fun too.

But I do agree with the poster who said that Section 31 would never have been allowed if Rodenberry had lived and that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you can suspend your disbelief for everything else, why not that Starfleet succeeds without the need for a “dirty ops division?” I don’t see it as hypocrisy given what a flawed man he was. I see it as a result of him fully acknowledging his flaws and creating this idea world. After all, a lot of the bad guys on the original ST were captains who just said, “Fuck it!” and gave up on ideals. Star Trek I feel was his belief that the best part of himself, the best part of all of us would someday succeed. I know we all know the famous Oatmeal story: