The First Bernie Sanders Action Figure Has More Realistic Hair Than Trump

Last year saw the introduction of the first Hillary Clinton action figure, and as the 2016 presidential election heats up, it’s only fair that Bernie Sanders be miniaturized as well. So starting today you can pre-order the first Bernie figure, and help his campaign at the same time.


Designed by FCTRY (the same people behind the Hillary figure) and artist Mike Leavitt, the Bernie Sanders figure certainly looks the part, but it’s light on articulation. Don’t expect to pose Bernie like he’s roaring into battle. At best you’ll be able to make him stand behind a podium, ready for his next debate.

Before it’s made available on FCTRY’s website, the Bernie Sanders action figure is premiering on Kickstarter today where it can be pre-ordered for $20. That not only includes the cost of shipping, but if the crowdfunding campaign is successful, $1 from every figure ordered will be donated to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

And if you need any further convincing about why you need a Bernie Sanders action figure, this commercial, an homage to the classic My Buddy ads from the ‘80s, will have even Republicans pre-ordering one.

[Bernie Action Figure]

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