Buy Your Way Into the X-Men

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Maybe you prioritized reading comic books over extreme physical conditioning and the honing of your latent superpowers. That's OK. Because if you have the cash, you can buy your way into the next X-Men movie.

(And at least you know that it can't be worse than Wolverine...which, admittedly, we figured couldn't be any worse than the third X-Men movie.)

A walk-on role in the next X-men is listed on Charitybuzz by film producer John Palmero (proceeds go to the Worldwide Orphans Foundation). You won't be fitted with adamantium claws, but the experience still sounds fun.

Share the excitement of film making with a walk-on role in the next installment in the highly successful film series, X-Men. Although cast information has not been announced, the next X-Men film will likely find the series' previous stars returning for more action-packed thrills. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will also give the winner a chance to meet some of the actors who may be on set that day. Filming is anticipated to begin in 2011, location to be determined.


The bidding is currently at $10,500. The opportunity has an estimated worth of $25,000 (which may be the case if you get the chance to make your move on Squirrel Girl). [Charitybuzz via Newlaunches]