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Buying an Empty Bottle of Kitchen Cleaner Actually Isn't a Scam

Illustration for article titled Buying an Empty Bottle of Kitchen Cleaner Actually Isnt a Scam

Replenish knows something that you might not—almost all (they claim 95%) of cleaning agents are water. The rest is the chemical concentrate that gets things done. So why pay for water? Replenish sells empty bottles and concentrate. Simple.


When the bottle arrives, you just fill it up with your own tap water and pop on an included concentrate pod. The mixture gives you what you would have purchased off a store shelf, without any of the senselessness of paying for what's essentially a bottle of tap water. A Replenish spray bottle costs $8, and comes with enough pellets for four fillings—extra cleaning pods are $4 each. Yes, you'll have to do a little bit more—ack!—work to mix the stuff together, but you're saving both money and a tiny piece of the environment by conserving materials. Why didn't someone think of this sooner? [Replenish via Gadget Lab]

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DISCUSSION much as I fell the burgeoning "green movement" is a great thing (getting people, involved, caring informed etc) 90% of green products (completely arbitrary percentage based on empirical evidence and cynicism) are bullshit marketing ploys. As soon as advertising and marketing firms get wind of trends on the ground they co-opt them and bastardize them. I feel like the majority of products we buy either a) dont reeaaaally do what they purport to at all b) are slightly, but intentionally misleading or c) are mostly filler, little substance or where most of the cost is due to packaging, bottling etc. It's really interesting to think about how much snake oil there is in the consumer market place. And then we advertise things in terms of theoretical terms or maximum potential or best possible cases in super controlled environments rather than real world facts and numbers. It sucks. We wonder why we've fallen so far behind (not really, just much worse then we were before) at producing worthwhile consumer goods. I'm looking at you electronics manufacturing. We went from a country that created good products. To a country that creates shitty products but have turned marketing and advertising into a science. While those things intrigue me in their own right, at the end of the day I think good products sell themselves. Start making better shit and stop trying to trick consumers. Rant, complete.