Hotel rooms with an hourly rate—the kind where you go to cheat on your boyfriend or girlfriend or to meet for a session with your dom—are typically grungy no-tell motels of last resort. A sad fact, but a true one nonetheless.

Fortunately, the people behind have realized that this doesn't necessarily have to always be the case.

Started in Paris in November 2010, the Expedia-like lodging service offered rooms to rent, for a few hours at a time, in boutique hotels selected for their "design, location and quality of service." Now, Dayuse has opened up a stateside branch, offering New Yorkers their choice of eight different hotels, all of them offering time slots of between 3 and 7 hours.

Like other online travel-booking website, Dayuse delivers discounted deals, typically 30-70% cheaper than a full night's stay. I looked, and I could book a room as early as tomorrow for as little as $110 or as much as $159. They even have an iPhone app, to make the whole process that much more discreet! [MuseumOfSex - Image via stefanolunardi/Shutterstock]