C-Version Watch

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I'm all for cool, weird watches. Heck, I'd admit that my Uncles like watches like this. Even my cousin and that one guy who lives two doors down and keeps feeding the stray cats in our alley. But please, TokyoFlash, leave my grandma out of this!

The watch lights up in various crazy patterns when you press the button to show the time.

You could impress your Grandmother with this watch!

First off, my Grandmother died years ago and I'm sure she wouldn't have liked this watch. She enjoyed simpler watches, like a nice wind-up Waltham or even this old Timex my Dad gave her. Thank you very much for bringing up a very painful memory.

Otherwise, this looks very retro-k3wl with LEDs to mark parts of the hour and a brushed metal face straight out of Goldfinger.

C Version by Twelve 5-9 [Tokyoflash via BoingBoing]