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Cabin In The Woods: Flipping "Flipping It On Its Head" On Its Head

Illustration for article titled emCabin In The Woods/em: Flipping Flipping It On Its Head On Its Head

Like one of the other movies I've Movie Night'ed before, Moon, Cabin in the Woods is one of those films that gets worse the more you really talk about it, so I'll try to keep things brief. The main point is that if you have any vaguely intellectual interest in horror as a genre, or in fiction as a carefully constructed wireframe of enforced and subverted tropes, you should really see this movie.


The one thing I feel like I can say about Cabin in the Woods without spoiling anything is that while you might have a general hunch as to what direction things might be going at any given time, the film never fails to twist your predictions ever so slightly, and you'll feel like anything can happen, because it can. I hope I haven't said too much. [Amazon Instant]


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For fucks sake.

I got hyped by the IMDB rating and general reviews plus THIS, watched it just now.


This is one of those movies that are so bad they kinda become good. The only reason I don't regret watching it is because I had a good "wtf is this bs" laugh couple of times with a friend, and for the fact that I now know that it sucks and won't be hyped to see the thing.

Can't recommend to anyone.