Cambridge Audio's BD640 Blu-ray Player Does it Like the Director Intended

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A new entrant to the Blu-ray player field, Cambridge Audio's first BD machine is pretty high-end. Apparently the white-painted gizmo is all about matching "the original studio masters" in audio quality with Dolby TrueHD and DTS HR surround, and in video quality with 24 fps progressive scan True Cinema, which "allows films to be watched as the director intended at their original frame rate" if you're into that sort of thing. It also upscales DVD-resolution video to 1080p, and the back of the machine is going to be pretty crowded with analog video outputs, HDMI 1.3 outputs, ethernet, SPDIF, Toslink and separate 7.1 and stereo analogue outs. There's no word on pricing but it's expected Spring 2009. Press release below.

Cambridge Audio will release its first Blu-Ray/DVD/CD player in early 2009. Designed to be the perfect partner to the Azur range of AV Receivers the 640BD features full HDMI 1.3 output, including bitstream output of all the latest HD Dolby and DTS surround-sound systems plus internal decoding of Dolby Digital EX, DTS ES, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD and DTS HR surround-sound. A full set of analog video outputs is supported, HDMI 1.3 video/audio, Ethernet, SPDIF, Toslink and separate dedicated 7.1 and stereo analogue outputs. Cambridge Audio prides itself on developing products that offer true value for money to discerning buyers and has embraced Blu-Ray technology with enthusiasm to wring out the best possible performance from this exciting new format. Supporting Dolby True HD means the 640BD provides audio that matches the original studio masters. While natively supporting up to 1080p from Blu-Ray discs the 640BD is also able to upscale DVD discs to 1080p video resolution taking the viewer to the heart of movie action. Meanwhile, 24 frames per second (fps) progressive scan True Cinema allows films to be watched as the director intended at their original frame rate without conversion for the most natural jog free panning and motion possible. All this means the 640BD lives up to Cambridge Audio's philosophy of providing a passion for performance to get the best out of any movie collection.

[Cambridge Audio]

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So, in short, nothing special. I love how these idiots tout completely normal features as if they were the first doing them and slap on the magic words "as the director intended" too.