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DXG really wants to get into your daughters heart. I mean, who else like pink gadgets besides 12-year-old girls and airhead 23-year-old girls? And since the 23-year-olds are all pinked out with their fruity RAZRs, that leaves the younger market wide open for plundering.

The DXG-506V is so cuuuuute! It's all pink and stuff! It also comes in Blue, Silver, and Black, but those other colors are less cute. It takes 5-megapixel shots and can handle decent if not great video. It has big, simple buttons for small and stupid fingers, which can also be interpreted as a lack of features. You could, you know, have faith in your kid's intelligence and teach them how to use a real camera, but I guess this is a good option too. It's available now for $150, which, to be fair, is a pretty cheap price for a digital camera/camcorder.


Product Page [DXG USA]