Camera Stabilizing Bag Stabilizes, Transports

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In another convenient tale of convergence, this camera bag can also serve as a stabilizer for DSLR cameras. Yank out the camera, fill up the bag with rocks/sand/etc to keep it weighed down and plop the camera on it. Okay, it is a bit pointless besides keeping your camera from touching the dirty ground, but you suckers will buy anything. $48.


Product Page [Via CG]

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It's an old trick to use a sand bag to stabilize your camera. While it doesn't elevate the camera like a tripod, it easily allows you to fine tune the orientation of your camera and unlike pillows or other soft material, it holds it's shape really well. There are alot of over priced "sand bags" for SLRs but you could just make your own from several layers of grocery bags.

Looking carefully at the product page, no where do they suggest that the bag should be used to transport the camera itself, hence it's not a convergence device. I think they realize that putting your camera into some place previously occupied by dirt and sand is not a good idea. The two innovation they tout here is the form factor (which I must admit, is kind of cool) that allows for easy use with a SLR, and the fact that you can replace the content in the bag for portability (which I'm not sure is that useful since I don't want to get my hands dirty before handling my camera).

$48 is ridiculous though, you can make your own alternative for $2 or free.