CamOne Infinity Is the First Action Cam With Interchangeable Lenses

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The CamOne Infinity is an action cam with a key difference that could help set it apart from the GoPro if it arrives to market: it has interchangeable lenses.

In addition to the standard lens, which shoots at two fields of view: 170 degrees and 127 degrees, CamOne is reportedly going to release 142-degree and 96-degree lenses. It's also a tiny bit lighter and smaller than the GoPro, and it comes with an integrated LCD, but the real difference is the interchangeable lens system.

But does the world really need another tiny action camera? It's hard to say whether lenses will actually make the footage better or more interesting. The GoPro HD Hero pro is already spectacular—even if it's really only good for one very specific kind of shot—and achieves a 96-degree field of view without changing lenses. The difference in the footage might very be negligible.


If CamOne got a little more adventurous and designed some more interesting lenses for the camera there's a lot of potential for shocking and experimental video. CamOne says it's still trying to iron out North American distribution, and there's no word one how much the camera will cost when it gets here. [CamOne via GizMag]

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I believe the GoPro can also achieve varying fields of view as well. Although it has more to do with frame size captured. The 720 60fps mode has a very wide FOV while the 1080 has less distortion. And I think adding more interchangeable parts will only hurt this contender.