Can a USB Socket Power a Popcorn Maker?

Some guys over at Metacafe have posted this video of possibly the best USB gizmo ever. It’s a DIY desktop USB popcorn maker. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It uses a minimum of parts, and “high intensity heater lights” driven only by the power from your PC. I was skeptical at first (and still am) but the electronics kind of make sense, and the video is convincing. If you’re a bored cubicle-monkey and fancy trying it out for yourself, the video shows you how... and you could then cheer up those work days with a snack of DIY popcorn. What’s your take, guys? Real or not? [Metacafe via Crunchgear]


Is that USB or Firewire? Firewire has the power, but if those lightbulbs are 2.5 volt, then firewire would probably kill them.

My question is how did they pick it up so quickly. Popcorn needs at least 212F to pop. That steel cup should have been burning hot.