Cellphone Popcorn Video Is Viral Marketing For Bluetooth Headset

You've probably seen the video above where people put cellphones around popcorn kernels and pop them by making a call. Turns out that it's a slightly disingenuous video by Cardo, a Blutooth headset manufacturer, in order to scare people into thinking that cellphones have that much radiation and they really need a headset. The viral video sure did raise awareness for the brand, but there are better ways of selling your products than to try and scare your customers into thinking they need it. [Cardo]


@MagnoliaBoy: Listen everyone, If you are using a Headset in any of the below situations, you DO look like a Douche.

When not driving;

When there is NOTHING in your HANDS;

When you are in an Elevator;

When your NOT TALKING TO ANYONE and are just wearing it;

When there is NOTHING IN YOUR HANDS!!!!

Sorry, this is one of my few pet-peeves.

Does having no hands count?