Candid Videos Of Astronauts Being Dorks In Space Are Just Adorable

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What do the ISS astronauts do in their free time? Sometimes, they like to act out action movie scenes—and the part where a character falls to his death is much more fun in microgravity. That's when they aren't playing with their floating food or doing weightless backflips.

Chris Hadfield is no longer posting YouTube videos from the International Space Station, but now we have Russian Colonel Maksim Surayev, whose ISS videos are like home movies from space, showing what astronauts do with their weightless downtime. Surayev is currently serving as Flight Engineer aboard the ISS, and he's sharing the joys and wonders of life in space through his new YouTube channel. Here, he shows us how even a mundane moment spent exercising is special in space:

Here, the astronauts try for a coordinated corridor crossing:

Playing with their food at mealtime:

Do the flip!

And then there's that view:

That's it. We're officially subscribing to this channel.

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