Cannondale Jacknife: Hydraulic Fold-Up Bike

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We have seen the fold-up bikes before, and lusted after their ease of portability while traveling (in a method other than biking). But then we remember, eventually the bike will be unpacked and we will have to ride public.


The Cannondale Jacknife is a concept meant to appeal to urban-dwellers from ages 20-35. Apparently the center bar can twist 180-degree, which has us both confused and intrigued. Most of all we appreciate the hydraulic pedaling system, preventing our clothes getting covered in chain oil when we try to shove this into our carryon. Now all we need is for everyone to comment that this is the best bike ever so Cannondale will actually put it into production.

Another Take on Folding Bikes [treehugger]



Not sure I have the $32,999.99 this thing will cost when produced.