Canon May Bust Harry Potter Hacker!

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Late last week, the new Harry Potter book leaked onto the torrents in painstaking, photographic form. But instead of the uploader's identity remaining anonymous, the pictures actually left a trail in their metadata [read: those meddling wizards were gossiping again].


In fact, Canon was able to clearly identify the model of camera used (Canon Rebel 350) and claim that if the 3-year-old unit has ever been serviced, they will be all, "Accio thief!" Authorities think there's a high chance that the camera was serviced, but we're not sure just how many customers take such good care of their tech.

So until investigators track down a repair order for the camera, the informant will remain He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. As for those S&M pics you uploaded with a might be time to take those down. [times via inquirer]


Why would a camera only 3years old need to be serviced? Screw Canon, I'm going to buy a Sony Alpha to steal unreleased books from now on!