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Can't Go Back Now: Apple Stops Supporting iOS 7

Illustration for article titled Cant Go Back Now: Apple Stops Supporting iOS 7

With every new iOS update, there are bugs and glitches. Oh man, were there ever glitches with iOS 8. For a brief time, if you knew how, you could go back to the sane stability of iOS 7. Not anymore—Apple stopped signing iOS 7.1.2 on Friday afternoon.


This, of course, was bound to happen. Apple likes to nudge its users along to the latest OS as quickly as possible, and for the most part that's a good idea: The newest software has the newest security patches, even if you're running an older device that can't take advantage of all the new software's bells and whistles.

But with iOS 8.0.1 breaking users' phones to the point where they couldn't make calls, and iOS 8.0 seriously bogging down some older hardware, it was nice to have an escape route back to iOS 7, even if it was a convoluted one.


No such luck any more. If you've got iOS 8, you're there for life—or at least until the next update rolls out. [AppleInsider via CultOfMac]

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The problem is, Apple only makes money on new phone sales and people with phones that were old but perfectly usable last week are stuck with an unsupported OS to punish them for not buying the latest iPhone.