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iOS 8.0.1 Is Breaking Cellular and TouchID on New iPhones, Don't Update

Illustration for article titled iOS 8.0.1 Is Breaking Cellular and TouchID on New iPhones, Dont Update

New iPhone owners: Do not update to iOS 8.0.1 yet. The upgraded iOS 8 that just rolled out over the air is killing the ability of phones to connect to cellular networks and is also breaking other features like TouchID. We have confirmed those two problems, and we're investigating what else might be wrong.


If you're having the problem, here's how to fix it.


We've updated two iPhone 6 models to iOS 8.0.1, and both cannot connect to the carrier and display "No Service." Additionally, the update breaks TouchID so you can no longer get into your phone with your thumbprint. One of the phones is regular model on Verizon, the other is an iPhone 6 Plus on AT&T. So this is hardly an issue isolated to a single phone model or carrier.

Reports on Twitter and in the Kinja discussion below confirm these problems. It appears that iPhone 5/5S models are not affected.

After the problem was discovered, Apple quickly pulled the update.

We've reached out to Apple for comment. We'll update as we learn more.


If you have updated to the new version on iPhone or iPad, please let us know what you are seeing in the comments.


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