Captain America adds an Oscar winner. Plus your complete guide to the futures of Chuck and True Blood!

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Captain America may have just landed a serious acting heavyweight. There's a veritable spoiler bonanza for the next seasons of Chuck and True Blood. A new TV spot shows us some serious events happening in Twilight: Eclipse. Let's get spoiled!


Captain America:

We still don't know who he's playing, but Tommy Lee Jones is almost certainly going to appear in the upcoming movie. Costar Hayley Atwell has confirmed Jones will be in the movie, and it sounds as though he will be playing some sort of military character. [Cinema Blend]


Creator Chris Fedak says that the internal angst is over for Chuck and Sarah, and now it's time for the show to really explore what their relationship means. The next season will continue to mix darker and lighter material in the name of keeping the show fresh. The fact that Ellie now knows that Chuck is a spy won't be easily resolved and will definitely change the way the show works. Morgan's chances of survival are, at least as far as Beckman is concerned, "limited", and the writers might agree with that assessment.

As for the masterplan for season four, Fedak lays out where the show's mythology is going to head next:

I'll tell you a couple of things. Yes, we did a lot of super-epic big things in the season finale. The show is still going to be the Chuck show. It's not going to lose its sense of humor. It's still a show about this regular guy who becomes a spy but is still Chuck Bartowski. For us, we get that it's a lot of fun when Chuck, Sarah and Casey and now Morgan are going on missions and together and having fun. That's the heart of the show. Our instinct isn't ever to do an arc where it's an entire season where two people are separated.

And when it comes to Dad's lair at the end of the finale, we've talked a lot about Superman in season 3. Part of us was like, "Well, what about Batman? What does he have to offer us from a perspective of secrets and lairs and the family story?" At the heart of season four, too, is the search for Mom.


They hope to bring Scott Bakula back as Chuck's dad, and he's very much being used as a model for what sort of actress they want to play Chuck's mom. As for the current cast, Fedak says that even if the Buy More is gone, he can't imagine a show without Big Mike, Jeff, and Lester.

Finally, he says that, although Chuck has now killed people in missions, he'll never be a killer in the same way the other spies are. Fedak compares him to Tom Clancy hero Jack Ryan, even going so far as to actually say that if Chuck is going to kill somebody, the stakes needs to be "clear and present." (No word yet on whether season four will feature games of the patriot variety or some sort of hunt for a crimson-hued month, possibly October.) [Hitflix]


True Blood:

Showrunner Alan Ball has released a metric ton of new spoilers, so let's put on our sexiest reading glasses and power through, shall we? But if you want a basic summary, here it is: shit gets realer, shit gets crazier, and no one is going to be happy anytime soon. Right, now, deep breath....


We're going to explore a lot of stuff with the shapeshifter and were communities. There are four main werewolves we'll meet: Alcide Herveaux, Debbie Pelt, Coot, and Gus. The shapeshifter story is primarily told through Sam Merlotte's search for his birth family, a quest at which he will succeed. We'll meet his (maybe) shapeshifting brother, Tom Mickens. We'll leave Bon Temps behind to explore the new town of Hotshot, where we'll meet Jason's new love interest Crystal and her father Calvin. (Ball says their take on Calvin is different from the books'.) Speaking of the wider world, vampire politics will play a much larger role in this new season.

The big villain this season will be the Vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington. Then again, his 700 year relationship with his boyfriend Talbot has its moments of...well, not sweetness per se, but it's no more dysfunctional than any of the other relationships on the show. (So...still pretty damn dysfunctional, I guess.) And yes, the characters are getting serious enough to cross state lines to take on Edgington in Mississippi. The other major villain is the vampire Franklin Mott, who will burrow deep into Tara's psyche in ways both dangerous and erotic. (Like there's any other way that this could unfold on True Blood.)


Lafayette will be a featured character next season - we're meeting his mother, and he gets a new boyfriend who actually manages to start breaking down some of the many, many outer defenses he's set up. Although we'll find out what happened to Bill and where he was taken pretty much immediately, it'll take about half the season before he actually makes it back to Bon Temps. This could well put a strain on his relationship with Sookie, but Alan Ball does assure us their love is very real and very profound, so their love can probably withstand a few complications of the dangerous/erotic variety. [SciFiWire]

Twilight - Eclipse:

A new TV spot is out, entitled "Event." It's nice that they go ahead and promise that stuff actually, you know, happens in this trailer. Although don't worry - they still found time to throw in the meaningful glances and pensive lip-biting.

Sherlock Holmes 2:

The movie is now set for a December 16, 2011 release. Rachel McAdams is confirmed to return, although her role will likely be reduced due to other commitments. And yes, Moriarty - who may or may not be played by Brad Pitt(!) if previous rumors have any truth to them - will be the main focus of this movie. [/Film]


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World:

Consider this doing our bit for pre-spoiler readiness - apparently the filmmakers have said that they'll release next week's trailer early if 100,000 people like the film's page on Facebook. Much as we're loathe to encourage wanton Facebooking towards any purpose...this is a new Edgar Wright film we're talking about, people. Let your conscience (and memories of the awesomeness of Spaced/Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz) guide you. [Cinema Blend]


The Sorcerer's Apprentice:

Disney has moved up the film's release date a couple days to Wednesday, July 14. That means it's no longer going directly up against Inception. Thank goodness - I have no idea how I possibly could have chosen between Christopher Nolan's latest and a movie whose actual premise is "Nicolas Cage is a blond wizard!" [/Film]


Transformers 3:

While fandom - nay, the world - continues to recover from the Megan Fox saga, filming starts on the new movie. Tyrese Gibson is now on set to reprise his role as Air Force Master Sergeant Robert Epps, and his first reaction to being on the set was simply "Wow!!" That's right, the amount of wowness only needed two exclamation points. Honestly, I would have thought a Michael Bay set requires at least a dozen exclamation points to get the point across, maybe with all caps thrown in for good measure. Time to step up your game, Mr. Bay! [Transformers News]


The Hobbit:

The movie is finally going to get the official greenlight. Maybe. Hopefully. Whenever it does happen, the movie will be shooting in 3D. [Cinema Blend]


Doctor Who:

Here's a preview clip for "Cold Blood":

It's still a little ways away, but here's the official description for the June 12 episode "The Lodger": [Blogtor Who]

There's a house on Aickman road, and a staircase that people go up, but never down, as the time-travelling drama continues.

To solve the mystery of the man upstairs, the Doctor faces his greatest challenge yet – he must pass himself off as a perfectly normal human being, and share a flat with Craig Owens.


The Walking Dead:

Robert Kirkman, writer of the current Walking Dead comic, has said he will help out with the writing of the Frank Darabont-run TV show that's coming soon to AMC. [Fangoria]


Resident Evil - Afterlife:

Paul W.S. Anderson's recent screening of new footage at a conference in Japan has turned up the first images of Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine: [ShockTillYouDrop]


Scream 4:

Guess they really were serious about turning this movie over to the next generation - Emma "Niece of Julia" Roberts is officially taking on the lead role in this restart of the franchise. Ashley Greene was originally supposed to be taking on the role, but Roberts got the part instead. [ShockTillYouDrop]


Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.



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