Captain America should use these throwing ninja star shield weapons

Captain America's shield is as iconic as comic book superhero weapons get but that doesn't mean there's no room for improvement. Man at Arms: Reforged decided to give it an upgrade by turning the shield into throwing ninja stars. Captain America should definitely use them for his next movie.


I mean, Batman has his batarangs, why can't the Captain have more weapons in his arsenal?

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Oh, you mean like American Dream did? She was a character in the MC2 universe, a member of the Avengers in the setting where Peter Parker and Mary Jane had a daughter who inherited his spider-powers (and Peter lost a leg in the battle that finally killed Norman Osborn for good, forcing him to retire) and became Spider-Girl.

When first introduced, American Dream (real name Shannon Carter, a cousin of Sharon) didn't have a shield, just the throwing discs on her gauntlets and boots. Later on, Captain America gave her an alternate-universe copy of his own shield to use as well.