Captain America's Dunkin Donuts Super Soldier Slushy will turn you into the Red Skull

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The X-Men have shilled for an insurance company, and Green Lantern did a campaign for Subway. But the most hideous movie tie-in of the summer may well be Captain America's collaboration with Dunkin Donuts.

As we showed you this morning in "morning spoilers," the Sentinel of Liberty is doing tons of Dunkin Donuts promo, including new banners and a featurette. We've included them below, in case you missed them.


But more importantly, Dunkin Donuts is marketing a special drink, the Captain America Cherry Coolata. Will it give you superpowers and turn you into the perfect physical specimen? Not exactly. Here's a relevant excerpt of the review from cartoonist Neil Kleid's SodaBlog:

Every sticky sweet, freezing cold, distinctively RED sip of the Captain America Coolata pierced both heart and skull, immobilizing me for a brief moment as I prepared to bolster my guts and take another. The cherry taste of the drink overpowered any other along my palate and I nearly felt to urge to heave the contents of my mouth-much like Steve Rogers' famed shield-all along the length of the SodaBlog Family minivan. "Terrible" would be spinning it politely. "Undrinkable" hit the target more accurately, for after the fourth attempt and a rush of pounding drums to my cranium married with tense, shaking utensils I once called "fingers" forced the expulsion of the remainder of the cup into the nearest trash receptacle.

To wit, I tossed that mother out.

The whole thing is worth reading.

And here's that featurette:

And those Dunkin banners:

[Via Slashfilm.]