Captain Marvel's Triumphant First Trailer Shoots for the Stars

Shine on, Captain Marvel.
Gif: Captain Marvel (Marvel Studios)

It’s nearly four years to the day since Marvel announced Captain Marvel was going to be part of its Cinematic Universe. Since we’ve waited, civil wars have been fought, Thanos has come and culled half of existence, and little by little we’ve had teases of her arrival. And now we finally have our first look at her in action.


As unveiled by Carol Danvers herself, Brie Larson, on Good Morning America today, Marvel has released the very first footage from Captain Marvel, marking the first Marvel Studios film with a female lead since the company’s cinematic initiative began with Iron Man over 10 years ago. Set primarily in the ‘90s, Captain Marvel sees Carol Danvers catapulted to the stars as she wrestles sharing a heritage between humanity and the alien race known as the Kree, granting her unthinkable power.

The trailer gives us great looks at not just Carol—in both the Kree-themed variation on her superhero suit and the more familiar red and blue get up she wears in the comics—but Hala, the homeworld of the Kree Empire (and Carol’s allies, the Starforce), and the threat she’ll be facing: The Skrulls, the shapeshifting race of Marvel aliens that have had a long and infamous history with the Kree in the comics. Here’s a new poster as well, featuring Carol in her red and blue suit:

Higher. Further. Faster.
Higher. Further. Faster.
Photo: Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel, which also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Clark Gregg, Gemma Chan, Lashana Lynch, Lee Pace, Jude Law, Djimon Hounsou, Ben Mendelsohn, and Annette Bening, soars into theaters March 8, 2019.


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