Car Air Conditioning System Adjust to Your Mental Activity

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After having survived a weekend with a crazy silly driver, I wish Nissan didn't spend money on creating a new car AC system that adjusts to the "driver's mental activity," releasing aromas, controlling humidity, and injecting breezes and plasmacluster ions.


Developed with the University of Tokyo, Nissan says that their new Forest AC air conditioning system "is designed to recreate the refreshing climate, fragrance and natural breezes of relaxing forest settings." How? Let's review:

• The system's Breezy Air feature actually creates a "natural breeze" effect by randomly changing the air volume through all vent outlets, according to external sunlight and external temperature. The system can change the air pattern in the breeze depending on which side of the car you are seated, increasing volume if you are seating on the sunny part or decreasing it if you are on the shade.

• The aroma control system is even more curious: The University of Tokyo's research team studied the effects of fragrances, air flow, and humidity in mental activity, concluding that two aromas can "alleviate boredom and stimulate the driver's brain": Borneol and leaf alcohol. According to Nissan, Borneol "combines a compound made from fragrant Kapur wood, lavender and other essential oils to promote calm and focus, while leaf alcohol is found in most plants and is thought to have a calming effect and reduce fatigue."

• Everything is combined with humidity control—which in theory keeps the car interior in perfect conditions—automatic outside and inside odor control—that will prove useful more than one time, I'm sure—and a plasmacluster ion generator... which may a) disintegrate you, b) teleport you to another place, c) "maintain cabin air quality, kill germs through strengthened bacteria deactivation and minimize odors clinging to the cabin air and interior surfaces," or d) all of the above.

I like option D, although right now I just want option B. [Autoblog via Ubergizmo]



just make it instantly cold when i get in my black truck on a 105 degree day in texas. that is all i want.