Car Locator Android App Makes $13,000 a Month

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It may not be the $1m that Tapulous brings in each month for its Tap Tap Revenge series of iPhone apps, but independent developer Edward Kim is understandably pleased with his $13,000/month from the Car Locator Android app.

He's seen 70,000 downloads of the free app, but 6,950 of the paid-for version. Kim originally priced it at $1.99 per download, but increased it to $3.99—with the number of downloads unaffected by the price hike.


The app is pretty basic, it saves your location wherever you park, and when you return to the carpark it will help you navigate back to the location. Writing on his blog, Kim said:

"it was netting an average of about $80 - $100/day, until it became a featured app on the Marketplace. Since then, sales have been phenomenal, netting an average of $435/day, with a one day record of $772 on Valentine's Day."


He's happy to praise the way Android Marketplace swaps featured apps around, unlike the iPhone's App Store:

"Some may be quick to point out that a featured Android application is only able to net $400/day, while top iPhone apps make thousands. But the Android market appears to rotate applications in and out of the featured apps list in some psedo-random fashion. Every time I open the Marketplace app, the featured list is different and most of the time, I don't even see my app on there."


Back in November, when he had only 23,000 downloads and the paid-for version cost just $1.99, Kim credited the launch of the Droid as being a reason he'd seen such a spike in downloads. [Edward Kim via Mobile-Ent]

Image Credit: AndroLib