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Carbon Fiber Flask: At Least Your Booze Will Survive the Apocalypse

Illustration for article titled Carbon Fiber Flask: At Least Your Booze Will Survive the Apocalypse

When World War III finally starts and the planet is decimated by nuclear bombs, facing a post-apocalyptic future will be a lot easier with a swig from this seemingly indestructible flask. Designed by Oakley working with The Macallan, The Flask—as it's called—is made from such Tonka-tough materials as carbon fiber, food-grade steel, and aerospace-grade aluminum.


Keen-eyed observers might notice similarities between the flask's design and RED's digital video cameras, and given RED was founded by the owner of Oakley, it's not a stretch to assume the two companies are sharing their industrial-minded design talent.

If The Flask seems right up your alley, you'll want to act fast. Only 100 are being produced, and even at just over $900 a pop there's a good chance they're still going to sell out quickly. [Oakley via Acquire]


Update: The $900 is actually the UK/International pricing for The Flask. In the US it will only be available as part of a $1,500 set that includes a bottle of oak-aged, 22 year-old The Macallan scotch.

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David E. Davis

If you have to stand out while boozing, I'd rather use a tactical beer mug. It's 1/4 the price.