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Matt Fraction, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon's dimension-jumping, incestuous spy-fi series was a weird one: Self-conscious, self-referential and often self-mocking, there was nonetheless something about it than nonetheless worked and seemed curiously, wonderfully refreshing at a time when mainstream comics were more interested in gong through the motions and maintaining their own status quo. Equal parts stream of consciousness, ongoing mysteries and psychedelic head trip, Fraction's tale of a thief who replaces himself on a parallel Earth where his twin sister is (a) still alive and (b) not one of the good guys was given swagger and class from Moon and Ba, who kept things strong when the story seemed uncertain. By the end of the second volume, we'd met multi-armed time traveling goddesses, Cass had contributed to society's ongoing gender confusion in the most unexpected way, and three relative newcomers had shown that they were not only aware of comics' potential, but wanted to push and prod and see if they could take things further, Casanova is rumored to return next year. We can't wait.

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