Casio's Super SlimLine DLP projectors have always been trim, but now the XJ-S43W gets a bit more appealing with widescreen support and a lower price.

While Casio's projectors, just 4lbs and 1.7 inches thick at their widest point, actually have decent specs, they've traditionally started well over $1,000 and made their way into the 2s. Now the XJ-S43W is priced at $999, plus it adds WXGA (1280 × 800) widescreen—making the data projector ever so more entertainment friendly in your company's off hours.


Other specs include 2500 lumens, 1800:1 contrast, 2X zoom and HDMI in.

While pico projectors are on the rise (with subpar picture quality), Casio brags that their Super Slims are still the thinnest 2,0000-lumen projectors in the industry...which must be why the creepy hand wants to mate with one in our lead photo. [Casio Super Slim]