Catching Up: Arcade Mania!

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Hey Brian, remember the book Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft wrote? The one on Japanese game centers (arcades) and the different types of games, players and cultural influences surrounding them? It's available now!


I'm more than halfway through the book already and it's pretty fantastic, giving a non-textbook history of stuff like the sticker pictures (Purikura), shooting games, music games and more. And Ashcraft wrote it, so you know it's good. There's lots of pictures, because I know you like pictures, and some shots of Japanese schoolgirls showing a little bit of leg in their skirts, because I know you know I know you like Japanese schoolgirls. In any case, you can get a copy here.

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I played STREET FIGHTER IV while I was in japan, and it was awesome... and playing with other players hooked into another arcade machine... at that point, I could see how different are the arcades in the US and japan... the only think I can say is that japanese arcades Kick ass!!!