Catching Up: Blurry Vision

Hey Brian, I'm writing this not from the Herman Miller Embody chair we reviewed, but from the detached "saucer section" of the Treychair, which I reviewed last year. Why? Because I can't see the TV that well from my couch, so I need to sit closer. I'm getting old.So what else went on today? Well, • Elaine documented her trip to the top of the world's tallest observatory • Matt showed us why 64-bit processor are cool (as if being able to use more RAM in your machine needed any explanation) • And we had a pair of good election coverage stories. I dissected how CNN's "hologram" system worked and Erica spotted Family Guy being watched with the help of a commenter Good show. I also just finished Dead Space, which is scary and awesome and fun. You should pick it up. After you're done seducing towns-ladies in Fable 2.

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I've written this due to circumstances that lead my TV to drop from its swaying stand. One that is missing traction rubber in between the frame on which the glass endures a 29" Grundig CRT. Last Saturday, right after pushing the SCART behind harder in, just to adjust the contact responsible for keeping the perspective for it gets rounded outwards | | -=> ) ( as of late. Also pushing proved more effective and lasting than laying knockings blow on the top o' it, became Lauder and less stable by the every blow even. So: SCART Pushed in , a glimpse; picture correct. Turning around retract I ,can has: "to bed" goes a *bwahba*. Fell on the Gamecube, triggered the big-embossed-off-button* so both live in one-piece ,alil' scratched happily ever after.

*If you turn TV off from this button into standby the remote won't affect it but until pressed again. Perhaps for children to abide.