Catgirl Vs. Ninja: the Cutest Confrontation You'll See Today

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What if the internet meme nyan cat fought crime? It'd be called The Nine Lives Of Chloe King. The show about the teen girl with cat powers debuted last night, and watching it was like blowing rails of pixie sticks.

That is not to say it's a bad show. It certainly isn't. By the end of the first episode, the sugar high was wearing off from the girly banter — that wasn't just so much banter as two young ladies screaming at one another about boys.

The main plot was about a secret society of cat people (boys included), who are fighting another secret society of cat people-haters, who want nothing more than to kill all of the cat people. Guess which boy (nicknamed 'kitty hat' because he wears a kitty hat) falls for our main girl Chloe? Within the first few minutes of the series an evil ninja, cat people hating assassin actually pushes Chloe out of a bell tower.

But the joke was on them! Chloe isn't just any old cat person. She is the Uniter (actual term) of the cat people and has nine lives to spare — which means you can kill her and she'll just come back. CUE THE MUSIC.


The problem with the show is, it's trying so hard to be cute that it's undoing all of the cool action work, but hey, this is a pilot. I expect the next episode to have a lot more balance. And, sometimes the kids were pretty adorable and funny (like when Chloe showed her bestie her claws and she screamed). If you like Pretty Little Liars and the silly parts of Kyle XY, this is the series for you.


And we're glad Chloe King's not taking itself as seriously as Teen Wolf, which has actual violence and dead bodies in it. I like my supernatural cable TV to be sweet and sassy. Chloe King needs only to find some sort of balance to make me tune in every week. But the main character is supremely adorable, wears great outfits that I'll probably steal, and could be some fun once she settles in. Fingers crossed for the episode where she irritatingly drags her rump around her mother's new rug.