Joel here. Couple things.

First of all, apologies for the poor performance of the site today. We hit little speed bumps all the time, but today's been a pretty spectacular failure. The good news is that we're a victim of our own success. We'll take growing pains over most other problems.

We should have everything in place by tomorrow, when our Live from CeBIT '06 reports start, courtesy of News Editor John Biggs and Reporter Travis Hudson, who have been whisked across the cold, blue sea to Germany on a junket from BenQ.


You may recall that last year that Siemens sent me on a junket last year, much to the consternation of one of our competitors. I mention this specifically because BenQ—who has bought up Siemens' phone assets—asked me to address it because they wanted to highlight their desire for transparency.

Without getting into another pissing match, let's make one thing clear: We are under no obligation to post anything positive about BenQ's products this year, just as we weren't last year. Unlike publications that accept junkets from companies and try to hide them from their readers, we feel that you are smart enough to make your own judgments when presented any potential conflicts of interest.

I appreciate the opportunity BenQ has afforded us by covering John and Travis's hotel and flights and giving Gizmodo first-rate access to their new gadgets, and I look forward to their reports from CeBIT about BenQ's (and heck, maybe even other companies') products.


Especially if those products from BenQ suck—that's when we write best.