Celebrate Ralph Fiennes' Birthday By Watching In Bruges

There is no good trailer for In Bruges. They all try to make the movie look like a slapstick comedy, a farce, or maybe a little of both. It's neither. In Bruges is a very dark, very funny movie, about two hit men on hiatus from a job gone wrong. And the hiatus happens to be in the quaint, traditional town of Bruges, Belgium.

In Bruges was the first feature film directed and written by Martin McDonagh and it was instantly acclaimed. One of the smartest comedy movies of it's time McDonagh won best screenplay at the Academy Awards that year.

The performances in the film match the fantastic dialogue the script employs. Colin Ferrell, Brenden Gleason, and Ralph Fiennes approach the dry, dark comedy with impeccable delivery. Colin Ferrell was really pretty darn good in this to be honest.


However, it's Ralph Fiennes who knocks it out of the park. Playing a short-tempered contractor, Ralph delivers some of the funniest lines I've ever heard in cinema. Without Ralph's portrayal as the ruthless boss the film would never be as good as it is. HBD Ralph. And if you're not in the mood for him, there's plenty other actors on Netflix. [Netflix]

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Sean Hollister

Love this movie. Solid pick. Go in expecting nothing and it will reward you.