Cellular Dress Begs to be Deathgripped

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Wearable electronics are nothing new, but not looking like a complete idiot in the process is novel. The M-dress isn't perfect, but it might be the first time you can wear your phone without being laughed out of the room.


The dress, designed by high-tech-haute-couture firm CuteCircuit, conceals an embedded sim card and antenna in its fabric. Should you receive a call—and we're banking on a vibrate function here—the wearer can answer simply by lifting her (Or his! Giz don't discriminate!) hand to their ear. Just like picking up a normal phone, only, well, people will see you talking into your hand. But "It doesn't make you look completely crazy like the Bluetooth-earpiece people," contends Francesca Rosella, one of the brains behind the dress. Okay, maybe less completely crazy.

The M-dress has no screen or interface, so it can be pre-programmed to call only a single number—choose wisely. And you'll have to face the terror of not knowing who's calling you before you reach that fashion-forward hand of yours to take the call, just like the old days. But hey, nobody said the fashion avant garde was going to be easy. [CuteCircuit via The Star]