Ceramic Remote Solves One Problem, Creates Others

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Designer Yuta Watanabe's motivation in creating a ceramic concept TV remote was the disdain we usually show our little infrared friends, tossing them around, losing them in seat cushions, leaving them in another room. If the remote was an objet rather than a mere object, we might not be so rough on it. Yes? I say no. I give it a week—maybe two—in this house. But it sure is pretty to look at. [Yanko Design]


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First! j/k

This falls under the category of 'What the heck were they thinking?' I actually like my remote to look like a panel ripped off of Capt. Picard's chair. I love seeing it wrapped with rubber bands because the battery door has taken abuse from a nervous habit of mine or having it flung off the table. I like the chipped corners. It gives it character. You can look at it and say, 'ahhh remember the moment when that Hail Mary pass turned into your worse nightmare.' Yeah. Character baby. Ceramic? Bleh. Ceramic is a material used for that accessory you buy from Pier 1.