Certain iPad 3G Apps Having Trouble With Video

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Launch day jitters or something more? These are the questions circling around the iPad 3G today, as owners of the new tablet are finding video playback is not as "magical" on their device as it is on the wifi version.

Initial reports seemed to indicate that it was a problem with the device itself, but those were later grounded by subsequent digging at iLouge and by Business Insider writer Dan Frommer. So, to repeat that, rumormongers: No hardware issues known at this time.

Said the latter in a Tweet this weekend, specifically in regards to ABC's video player downgrading content: " ABC is wifi only on purpose. I believe rights play a role. (they're different on wifi vs 3G) sounds dumb but true...abc told me 'the decision was based on a variety of business and technical considerations.' but no details."

As for AT&T's response, they told TechCrunch to go talk to Apple, which was nice of them. What wouldn't be nice is if they were restricting data, but that does not appear to be the case here.


Instead, it appears as though, for whatever the reason, certain app makers have gimped their video streams for "a variety of business and technical considerations." Maybe it's some kind of LOST finale tie-in.

Update: These widespread issues are in line with what we've found with our own iPad 3g hands-on time and testing notes, specifically with ABC and YouTube. You can read the in-depth coverage in our iPad 3G Test Notes feature. [TechCrunch]