Check Out the Glorious Capes on These Batman v Superman Action Figures

Although some may disagree, nothing beats a good cape on a superhero suit—and the same stands for superhero action figures. So it’s a good jobe Medicom’s new toys based on Batman v Superman have some fantastic, poseable capes to make the figures really shine.

Medicom revealed the roughly 6-inch-tall toys earlier today, and while there’s things about them that don’t quite work—it might be the posing but Batman seems like he might have some neck problems in his advancing age, and Superman has some of the strangest colored lips I’ve ever seen on a figure—they’re overall fantastic. The hyperarticulation helps with that, but really, it’s the capes. Glorious, swooshy capes—with wire frames to pose them fluttering in the wind, like any good cape should!


See what I mean about Batman’s neck problem though? I mean jeez Bruce, I know you love to brood but think of the spine pain! That does not look comfortable.

Aside from their capes, Batman and Superman come packed with a few extra accessories. Both have alternate hands for posing and gripping some extra bits and bobs, but Batman has a trusty Batarang, a grappling hook gun, and some kind of machine-gun-looking device (that, knowing Batman, probably isn’t an actual gun). Superman, on the other hand, doesn’t need many wonderful toys—instead, he comes with an alternate head to show him ready to blast his heat vision .


Man, combined with those eyes, Superman’s lips look even weirder.

Medicom’s MAFEX Batman and Superman will be out in July 2016, and set you back 5,500 yen each (about $47 USD).


[Via Toyark]

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