Chief Keef's Hologram Performances Keep Getting Shut Down

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On Saturday night, police cut power at a concert in Hammond, Indiana, to censor a holographic performance by hip hop artist Chief Keef.

The Guardian reports that Chief Keef had just started performing at Craze Fest when police pulled the plug. He wasn’t really there, though. He was performing remotely from California, and appeared to the audience as a “hologram.” As with many other purported hologram performances in the past—ahem, Holopac--Chief Keef wasn’t really performing as a hologram (which would be incredible). The illusion is really a sophisticated video projection produced by a deceptively named company called Hologram USA. But hologram sounds so much cooler, right?

The event was a benefit for the family of Chef Keef’s friend Marvin Carr, who was shot and killed in Chicago last month, as well as for Dillan Harper, a 13-month-old who was killed by a car speeding away from the scene.


This is the second time that a Chief Keef hologram performance has been halted by authorities. Mr. Keef has outstanding warrants in Illinois, and his appearance in any form is seemingly being regarded by law enforcement as a threat to public welfare. From the story:

Chief Keef had performed by hologram owing to several arrest warrants against him in the neighbouring state of Illinois. However, other cities had refused to allow him to perform by hologram recently. Last weekend, a similar appearance in Chicago was cancelled after the staff of mayor Rahm Emanuel called him “an unacceptable role model” who “promoted violence” and whose presence, even via hologram, “posed a significant safety risk”.


A video at an anti-violence fundraiser being shut off by police is an absurd act of censorship. Of course, the entire performance was a stunt to begin with—and now, the officials who wanted to shut it down have elevated it to a national news story.

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