Chinese Car Maker Invents Keyless Entry Watch

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The problem with Chinese made cars in the year 2008 is that they're complete shit. It's true. Maybe in a few years they'll catch up to the Koreans, the Japanese, the Americans and the Germans, but for now they'll have to be satisfied with unlocking their cars with their watches. Who wouldn't?


I'd definitely enjoy carrying around a watch and no keys, until the time I realized that I need my house keys too, which means I'm still carrying around some keys and this whole invention is only cool to show off to your friends from out of town who haven't seen this on the internet. That'll be the only thing to shield you from the derisive comments about you driving a Chinese car in the year 2008. [The Tycho via Jalopnik]

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I have friends that hold up their keyless entry to their chin to get 'better range' when locking and unlocking their car. I can't explain how it works, but they did demonstrate it for me, and from a certain distance it does somehow work only when held up to the chin.

My point in telling this worthless story is that, if you happen to be one of the people doing this, holding a watch up to your chin to unlock your car will look slightly less stupid. However, only slightly.

And from another worthless perspective, this might be useful for states where they have laws in place for new drivers who are not allowed to drive during certain times. If it would block entry to the car during those times, that could potentially be useful. (Ignoring the fact that they would just change the time on their watch, of course.)