Chocolate Millennium Falcon Will Give You Diabetes in 12 Parsecs (UPDATED)

Sweet? She's sweet enough for you, old man. I don't know who made this geeky confection, but I want to hug them. The attention to detail, the... the chocolate! And oh my god it's filled with even more chocolate.

I wish I could tell you where you could get these, but nobody seems to know. If you are the creator of this beauty, get in touch. The world wants to thank you. [Tumblr via Geeky Gadgets]


UPDATE: We now know who made 'em! The man behind this sweetness is a Mr. André Murrai who lives in Brazil. He chimed in in the comments to let us know. We clicked over to his page and oh man, do his other confections look good, too. We just added two more images. Thanks for the chocolate dreams, André!

(Image Credit: André Murrai)

Chocolate Vaders?


White chocolate storm troopers? Yes please.

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