Chromecast (With Three Free Months of Netflix) Is Back at Best Buy (UPDATE: Gone)

After this morning's let down with Google hauling back Chromecast's most awesome feature, dongle lovers have reason to smile again: Chromecast is once again available from Best Buy for $35 with 3 free months of Netflix.


Last time, this promo wiped out Best Buy's supplies in short order, and led to some buyers missing out on the Netflix freebie. It's still out of stock at Amazon, and backordered 2-3 weeks on Google Play (neither of which have the Netflix offer), so if you're in the market you probably shouldn't wait to pull the trigger.

Update: Seems like it's already sold out, again. We're checking with Best Buy to see what's up. Stay tuned.


2nd Update: Best Buy confirms the Chromecast is sold out, and tells us it should have additional product "in the coming weeks," with the Netflix promo available "while supplies last."

[Best Buy via 9to5Toys]


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